What started out as tentative footsteps in the art of pinhole photography by us, Ian Burton and Andrew Atkinson, has now turned into a passion/obsession. The majority of our photography centres on this medium for a number of reasons which we will go into soon. We have been creating pinhole photographs since 2014 and over time people have asked if we have considered doing workshops and now we do.

Our workshops are unique and in a market that is flooding with photographic workshops we believe we stand alone in what we do and what we offer.


Our work lives centre around a computer and outside of that our lives are dominated by mobile tablets, television, social media and our other photographic medium the digital camera. Using a pinhole camera with film creates a total analogue process devoid of anything digital essentially detoxifying the mind, body and soul and relying on pure instinct. I would recommend visiting the tutors page for our individual take on pinhole photography.


It really depends on you and what you want to achieve. We have spent years teaching ourselves with numerous failings, but ultimately the successes come and spur us on. At the time there were no workshops we could attend to learn about pinhole photography which is another reason for us working together to make these unique workshops for anyone wanting to try it or develop their existing skill set without having to take the long path we have.


No matter what your experience you will be well looked after. You have an option to loan*, buy* or bring your own pinhole camera, we will even throw in a starter pack which consists of a notepad/pencil/exposure guide and a roll of film which we will have developed/scanned onto a CD/printed for you at no extra cost. We will take you to locations we have deemed pinhole friendly with plenty of interest and there will be no long arduous walks. What you will get from the day is a total immersive experience, learning to compose without a viewfinder, understanding exposure times and how to use them to create certain effects also you will learn to relinquish control and become free from the obsession of wanting to create perfect photographs time and again with instant feedback, embrace the softness, the ethereal and sometimes serendipity moments of double exposing, moving or shooting into the light.

We are continually developing our workshops and listening to our clients has already helped to improve our format and what we offer. Soon we will be offering weekend residential and pinhole to processing workshops.

[*conditions apply]

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