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NEW ‘Pinhole Photography Workshops’ Website

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How did we come about creating “Pinhole Photography Workshops”?

Myself and Andrew Atkinson have been doing pinhole photography for about 2 or 3 years and back in 2016 we got chatting about pinhole workshops and how no one had really offered this. Yes there are workshops that invite you to come along and make one in a studio, but we hadn’t noticed any with a bias towards landscape/seascape and certainly seen none that took participants to a location and tutor them. So it got the gears turning and we decided to throw our hat in the ring and work on a format in which to run them.

We decided to run a one-off workshop to test the water, so we chose Whitby (North Yorkshire) as our location for the day; we both know the location very well and it’s a bit of a gold mine for pinhole photography and it would certainly inspire and build the confidence of any pinhole photographer. The hard part was always going to be the marketing and getting people interested. We were under no illusion, we know pinhole is a bit of a niche medium, some may say it’s a novelty thing but we believe it has its place in photography and offers a unique look and feeling you can’t get with any other medium of photography. I’ve digressed, I will probably write a blog to go into more detail here. So how do you pique someone’s interest and get them to sign up? Well there’s no magic formula for this, but we had to create an impact. I won’t give you the full story as I’m sure it will knock you to sleep, in short we setup a page on my personal pinhole website and presented our own pinhole images from Whitby as examples of what could be achieved, offered discounts and special prices on ‘RealitySoSubtle’ pinholes that couldn’t be found anywhere else. Twitter and Facebook did the rest of the leg work, special thanks to those who shared.

What we didn’t disclose were the beautiful presentation packs as we quite liked the idea of it being a surprise and giving our first participants closure on the whole process. Below are examples and also some images from our participants.

Here’s some of the scanned results from two of our participants:

Here’s just one testimonial:

 “I want to thank Ian and Andrew for their workshop. It took the worry out of how to make a pinhole image and instead gave it the freewheeling fun it should be. I also think it was so nice they sent me a set of my images (which Ian developed from the free roll of film that was provided as part of the experience) from the workshop and added a discount for another workshop. I have been on a few workshops and nobody has done anything like this. Very nice” – Wendy

With our first workshop deemed a success we decided to plan another for this coming June (details can be found here). We also thought it would be a good idea to start a website and create a bit of a brand and hope that word spreads. And so “Pinhole Photography Workshops” was created.

There’s more to us than just workshops…..

In order for us to thrive and develop, and like many things in life, we need community and social interactions. So we’re not only going to be about workshops, but also provide blogs (maybe some vlogs in there) not just from myself and Andrew, hopefully we will get some special contributions from known pinhole artists. There will also be special offers, articles, reviews, maybe some friendly competitions, pinhole photo of the week and a featured artist slot. Over the coming weeks and months you’ll start to see these being introduced, so please bear with us whilst we continue to develop the website.

We would love to hear any feedback as long as it’s polite and constructive.

Please do share, interact and enjoy our content. Thanks 

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    1. Thank you both for choosing to attend our walkshop it was a pleasure to have met you and we’re are glad you had a safe journey back. To think you only just scratched the surface of this location with your pinhole so we hope you will consider us for a more intensive workshop experience in the future and perhaps we can persuade you to try some film. Watch out for our new workshop dates in the coming weeks 😉

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