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Yesterday (24 March, 2019) the friendly chaps from “The Lensless Podcast”, Corey Cannon and Andrew Bartram interviewed me for show No.53 and their final one before they take a well earned break during April. Thanks once again to Corey and Andrew for having me on.

I think it was back in January, maybe even December when Andrew contacted me asking if we would be interested in coming on the show at some point. Not thinking anything would come of it I said “sure why not”. Now normally I’m quite reserved, but I thought since it would be both myself and Andrew Atkinson doing it I felt a little more confident in accepting.

It wasn’t until February time when I was contacted again to pencil a date in the diary to come on the show, but the nerve jangling moment came when Andrew Bartram said it could only be me as it was technically difficult to record more than 3 people and Andrew “show dodging” Atkinson would have to appear on a separate show (more on that another time). My initial thoughts were how can I get out of this, I hate talking about myself and my photography – it doesn’t come naturally to me and why would anyone find me interesting? It’s only been in the last year or two that I’ve started to do things that push me out of my comfort zone thinking to myself you never know where it may lead, writing more personal blogs, starting a YouTube channel and now pushing myself into the photographic community that listens to podcasts. Remembering this I replied with a couple of dates and stopped thinking about it too much, I have a tendency to over think things and it causes me some anxiety. The rest is history as they say, I did it, I enjoyed the banter and if anyone has any doubts should they be asked, just do it.

Please do give it a listen (see below) and help support their podcast show, it’s something unique and should be shared.

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