One Hour Photo (Pinhole Landscapes – Vlog)

I said a while ago that I would consider doing some vlog work to show you my experiences with pinhole photography. This one has sat on my iPhone for months and although I enjoyed the process, I’ve never felt comfortable about publishing a video of me prattling on, I’m still not and I have serious doubts about viewers finding it interesting enough. But I’m biting the bullet and hiding in a dark cupboard as I hit the publish button. It’s been a learning experience and I can appreciate the effort many a vlogger puts into their own. Mine is very low-tech, using only my iPhone and the iMovie app, if the bug bites I’ll look at ways to improve the quality of content, but until then I will make do.

Working full time during the week and spending quality time with my family on weekends makes it very difficult for me to spend any quality time out with my pinhole cameras (sure lots of you can relate). I have to seize the small opportunities when I can and this one I thought why not step out of my comfort zone and take a pinhole with me through some woodland whilst walking my dog. It’s certinaly not my strongest work, but it was a positive learning experience as at the time the ‘Reality So Subtle’ 6×6 pinhole was new to me.  

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed it.

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